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Law Offices of Jeffrey K. Levine


We are personal injury incident, not accident, lawyers.

What is the difference?


Attorney Jeffrey Levine has a different approach than many other lawyers who represent personal injury victims. What Attorney Levine says to clients, Judges and juries resonate and is likely that unique difference keeping him ahead of the rest.

One such example where we all nodded and said, he is right and we’ve never heard it explained that way, was this quote from Attorney Levine: Accidents are when nobody else is responsible—accidents "just happen". But when a personal injury incident occurs it is an event or occurrence caused at the hands of another, regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional. 

The person at fault knew or should have known that by not doing the right thing someone else would get hurt. When that occurs it is not merely an accident that "just happened", but instead an incident that was foreseeable and should have been avoided! 

Attorney Levine’s success can be attributed to this outside-the-box thinking. 

Jeffrey Levine is not just any lawyer, he stands ahead as the very best NYadvocate for injury victims.

"I truly felt that I was in the best hands with Jeffrey Levine. He is a creative thinker, detail oriented, and treats his work as his life’s purpose. He is supportive, accessible, and a genius at his trade. He represented me so well, and I wholeheartedly recommend him!" - V.L.



340 West 57th Street

New York City 10019





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